One mask
place the mask into your PSP mask folder

you will need one background tube and a main tube
your choice


Bkg Kaleidoscope - 4 QFlip ZBottomL



drag this arrow along for your orientation


Unse your own imagination to come to a good end result

So let’s get started

  • Use a light color for your foreground and a darker one for the background
  • Open a transparent canvas of 700x500
  • Fill with your light color – new raster layer – fill with the dark color
  • Load mask from disk - 028ab14c.jpg


  • Merge group 
  • effects - Bkg Kaleidoscope - 4 QFlip ZBottomL


  • Effects – distortion effects - pixelate


  • Selection – ellipse – with the following settings


  • Place your curser sort of in the middle


  • And draw the ellips  like shown below


  • When you release the mouse it should look like this


  • Copy your background tube – paste into selection – selection – select none
  • Now place your main tube as a new layer – move it to either side
  • Effect - 3D Effects – drop shadow


  • With your right mouse button click on the frame of your image – copy merged
  • New raster layer – fill with your background color
  • Selections – select all – selections modify – contract by 2
  • delete
  • now fill it with white – or your light color – selection modify – contract by 15 – hit delete button
  • selection – select none
  • with the magic wand click into the white frame
  • with the right mouse button click on the top frame of your image– paste into selection
  • Effects – texture effects - blinds


  • Effects - 3D Effects – Inner bevel – as follows


  •  New layer, write your text
  • New layer – place the contest watermark
  • Save your contest picture as followes
    SpringAngel_wettbewerb2014_name and then send to this  address




I hope it has made ​​you fun *smile*